Appendix N. XvMC Support

This release includes support for the XVideo Motion Compensation (XvMC) version 1.0 API on GeForce4, GeForce FX and newer products. There is a static library "libXvMCNVIDIA.a" and a dynamic one "" which is suitable for dlopening. GeForce4 MX, GeForce FX and newer products support both XvMC's "IDCT" and "motion-compensation" levels of acceleration. GeForce4 Ti products only support the motion-compensation level. AI44 and IA44 subpictures are supported. 4:2:0 Surfaces up to 2032x2032 are supported.

libXvMCNVIDIA observes the XVMC_DEBUG environment variable and will provide some debug output to stderr when set to an appropriate integer value. '0' disables debug output. '1' enables debug output for failure conditions. '2' or higher enables output of warning messages.