Appendix U. The XRandR Extension

X.Org version X11R6.8.1 contains support for the rotation component of the XRandR extension. This allows screens to be rotated at 90 degree increments.

The driver supports rotation with the extension when 'Option "RandRRotation"' is enabled in the X config file.

Workstation RGB or CI overlay visuals will function at lower performance and the video overlay will not be available when RandRRotation is enabled.

You can query the available rotations using the 'xrandr' command line interface to the RandR extension by running:

    xrandr -q

You can set the rotation orientation of the screen by running any of:

    xrandr -o left
    xrandr -o right
    xrandr -o inverted
    xrandr -o normal

Rotation may also be set through the nvidia-settings configuration utility in the "Rotation Settings" panel.

TwinView and rotation can be used together, but rotation affects the entire desktop. This means that the same rotation setting will apply to both display devices in a TwinView pair. Note also that the TwinViewOrientation option applies before rotation does. For example, if you have two screens side-by-side and you want to rotate them, you should set TwinViewOrientation to Above or Below.