NVIDIA Accelerated Linux Driver Set README and Installation Guide

NVIDIA Corporation

Table of Contents

I. Installation Instructions
1. Selecting and Downloading the NVIDIA Packages for Your System
2. Installing the NVIDIA Driver
Before you Begin
Starting the Installer
Installing the Kernel Interface
Features of the Installer
3. Configuring X for the NVIDIA Driver
Using nvidia-xconfig to configure the X server
Editing the configuration file by hand
II. Additional Information
4. Frequently Asked Questions
5. Common Problems
6. NVIDIA Contact Info
7. Additional Resources
8. Tips for New Linux Users
9. Acknowledgements
III. Appendices
A. Supported NVIDIA Graphics Chips
B. Minimum Software Requirements
C. Installed Components
D. X Config Options
E. OpenGL Environment Variable Settings
F. Configuring AGP
G. Configuring TwinView
H. Configuring TV-Out
I. Configuring a Laptop
J. Programming Modes
K. Flipping and UBB
L. Known Issues
M. Proc Interface
N. XvMC Support
O. GLX Support
P. Configuring Multiple X Screens on One Card
Q. Power Management Support
R. Display Device Names
S. The X Composite Extension
T. The nvidia-settings Utility
U. The XRandR Extension
V. Support for GLX in Xinerama
W. SLI and MultiGPU FrameRendering
X. Frame Lock and Genlock
Y. Dots Per Inch
Z. i2c Bus Support
AA. Allocating DMA Buffers on 64-bit Platforms