Appendix F. i2c Bus Support

The NVIDIA Linux kernel module now includes i2c (also called I-squared-c, Inter-IC Communications, or IIC) functionality that allows the NVIDIA Linux kernel module to export i2c ports found on board NVIDIA cards to the Linux kernel. This allows i2c devices on-board the NVIDIA graphics card, as well as devices connected to the VGA and/or DVI ports, to be accessed from kernel modules or userspace programs in a manner consistent with other i2c ports exported by the Linux kernel through the i2c framework.

You must have i2c support compiled into the kernel, or as a module, and X must be running. The Linux kernel documentation covers the kernel and userspace /dev APIs, which you may wish to use to access NVIDIA i2c ports.

For further information regarding the Linux kernel's i2c framework, refer to the documentation for your kernel, located at .../Documentation/i2c/ within the kernel source tree.

The following functionality is currently supported: