Chapter 35. Direct Rendering Manager Kernel Modesetting (DRM KMS)

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Known Issues

The NVIDIA GPU driver package provides a kernel module, nvidia-drm.ko, which registers a DRM driver with the DRM subsystem of the Linux kernel. The capabilities advertised by this DRM driver depend on the Linux kernel version and configuration:

NVIDIA's DRM KMS support is still considered experimental. It is disabled by default, but can be enabled on suitable kernels with the 'modeset' kernel module parameter. E.g.,

modprobe -r nvidia_drm ; modprobe nvidia_drm modeset=1

Applications can present through NVIDIA's DRM KMS implementation using any of the following:

Known Issues

  • The NVIDIA DRM KMS implementation is currently incompatible with SLI Mosaic. The X server will fail to initialize SLI Mosaic if DRM KMS is enabled.

  • The NVIDIA DRM KMS implementation does not yet register an overlay plane: only primary and cursor planes are currently provided.

  • Buffer allocation and submission to DRM KMS using gbm is not currently supported.